Students Addressing Grand Challenges

Over 100 MBA students studying the course of “Technology, Innovation and Strategy” under the guidance of their visiting faculty, Mr. Syed Abdul Basit, brought their innovative ideas to life at the Eureka Fair, held at IoBM on August 20-21 2016. The student’s ideas were aimed at addressing the ‘Global Grand Challenges’ pertaining to health, education, poverty, security, food, environment, agriculture etc. The students, working in many groups, were so pioneering in following their vision for a better future that they presented 23 ideas at this class event.

Presented at the Eureka Fair 2016 were such state-of-the-art projects including ‘Patient Care Service’, a website informing users with the availability and time of a doctor in hospitals across Karachi; ‘Grocery Locator’ and ‘Fast-track Grocery’ that provides customers with quick and easy grocery shopping using smartphones; ‘Edible Spoons’, that are made with flour, salt, sugar and water to minimize plastic spoon wastage; EDIFY, an online system providing school teaching and learning sessions for underprivileged children; and Doctors Secretary, an Android application allowing House Officers  at Karachi’s Civil Hospital to book and check patient’s laboratory tests on their smartphones.

Also shown at the Eureka Fair was JUGNU, a mobile application through which users can register an infrastructural complaint such as cracked roads, sewerage problems and other concerns to their respective area administrator. The students who developed JUGNU have submitted their concept for the upcoming P@SHA ICT Awards 2016.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Syed Abdul Basit, Visiting Faculty teaching the course of Technology, Innovation and Strategy at IoBM said, “In Pakistan, we come across with many problems and I believe that all problems are opportunities; the bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity. It is our collective responsibility to solve these grand challenges using the latest technology and innovative ideas. A remarkable achievement by IoBM students, way to go Innovators! If you have passion and dedication you can achieve your dreams one day, In Sha Allah.”

Given below is a list of projects displayed during the Eureka Fair at IoBM on August 20-21, 2016.


Environment 1.     Edible Spoon

2.     JUGNU

Health 3.     Monitor Your Health

4.     Blood to Life

5.     Pressure Gradient Analysis Machine

6.     Doctor’s Secretary

7.     SHAJAR

8.     Patient Care Services

9.     Treatment On-the-Way

10.  ERP Medical Software

11.  Innovative Care Unit

Education 12.  Lucident

13.  EDIFY

14.  Xchange

15.  Educational App

Food 16.  Save The Food

17.  Feed The Future

18.  Grocery Locator

19.  Fast-Track Grocery

Energy 20.  Tiny Air Conditioner
Poverty 21.  U-Parvaaz
Security 22.  SOS App

23.  Wireless Device Controller for Vehicles