IoBM Speakers’ Club : Is social media making us more narcissistic!

Looking for positive trendsetters in social media

The Department of Communication Skills and Languages, IoBM held a “Speakers’ Club” activity on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at the steps of the IoBM Library Building. It was organized amid the inspiring guidance of Ms. Fareeda Ibad, Associate Professor and Senior Fellow, Department of Communication Skills and Languages.  Also present were IoBM Communication Department’s Dr. Adrian A. Husain, Senior Fellow and Mr. Muhammad Asif Khan, Assistant Professor.

The topic under discussion was “Is social media making us more narcissistic?” This session was largely attended by students and faculty, who through a thought-provoking and a mentally stimulating discussion, explored, discussed and discovered the pertinent facts and truths of how social media users are becoming narcissistic through sharing of their personal, educational and professional achievements, status updates, pictures and videos.

Students spoke both for and against the motion. An interesting discussion was generated. It was all very interesting and mind-boggling. Such useful vibes emanated as moderation, positive thinking and the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. Narcissism: vanity, self-absorption, egotism, conceit, self-importance are individual traits and cannot be labeled as collective social media norm.

How about nurturing the art of and setting the trend for social media’s graceful projection, not narcissism or cheap publicity, of an individual’s transformational achievements and laurels! Indeed is this not a question of positive trend-setters in social media for a change and for the better.