Society Open House 2018

One voice that makes the difference
Mutual respect that makes the IoBM world go round

The essence of IoBM Student Societies has been gauged as “PJ of PR” delved deep into the gist of their charm, color, charisma and content in letter and spirit: That means peaceful and amiable co-existence with mutual respect and cheers accepting with grace and honor differences of opinion and conflicting viewpoints.

Mutual respect, tolerance and cooperation has been embedded as a role model at IoBM by our Late Founder President, Shahjehan Syed Karim and prioritized by IoBM’s Mr. Talib S. Karim, President and Ms. Sabina Mohsin, Executive Director, AAF. National media trait IoBM as shared by our PR Section on IoBM’s Website as follows:

“Exemplifying earnestly are such institutions like IoBM as a humble model of peaceful co-existence of diverse viewpoints and accepting mixed schools of thought with mutual respect, grace, dignity and honor with shared cheers, tolerance, sympathy and fellow feeling all quietly towards personal, institutional and national excellence.”

It was with the same exemplary vim, vigor and vitality 16 IoBM Student Societies with host Department of Sports and Student Affairs, planned, organized and promoted “Society Open House 2018” on Monday, September 10, 2018 at the basement of the Shahjehan Syed Karim (SSK) Center of Excellence Building.

Amid jubilation, cheers and applause Ms. Sabina Mohsin inaugurated the Society Open House by cutting the ribbon. She visited stalls of each student society escorted by office bearers of each society and wished them all the best in their gentle drive to register new students for the noble cause of adding positive value to each society.

IoBM’s Societies’ Open House is a campaign of each society to register for membership new students for organizing career-focused events and activities so value-adding to their personal, educational, social and professional development bringing laurels for them, their families, their institution and their country indeed.

Student Societies include Marketing, Social Welfare and Trust, Entertainment Plus, Health Managers, Finance, Strategic and Human Resource, Literary and Public Speaking, Egalitarians, Eğlence and Technologies, Sustainable Living, Mathematics, Media, Entrepreneurs, Digicon Informatics, Dialogue and Vanquishers.

In addition to emotional maturity, seriousness of purpose and penetrative thinking associated with campaigning and co-existing with mutual respect, dignity and honor an IoBM Society’s Open House is a harmonious blend of fun, frolic and festivity and rejuvenating welcome, trendy music and traditional hospitality.

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