At a Seminar on “CSR Agenda of Corporate Pakistan” invited were corporate heads, professionals, industry experts, non-government organizations, university representatives, students, faculty, management and media. Gracing the event with her inspiring presence was Ms. Sabina Mohsin, Executive Director, AAF, IoBM. Present were Heads and CSR representatives from various companies including Dr. Shamvil Ashraf, Founder, Indus Children Cancer Hospital (ICCH) and Executive Director, Medical Service, Indus Health Network, Ms. Laila Dossa, Patron, JS Academy for the Deaf, Mr. Khalil Baloch, Director Administration, Sapphire Textile Mills, Dr. Gobind Herani, Dean, MSC, Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education, Mr. Mukhtiar Dawach, Founder, Mircho 360, Mr. Shariq, Sindh TV and from HUM Network, Mr. Mehroz Ali, Regional General manager, HUM News, Mr. Owais Naseem, Manager HUM News, Mr. Faisal Rajput, Manager Sales, Masala TV and others. Echoing over the horizon were the words of Late Shahjehan S. Karim, Founder President IoBM, “The essence of IoBM’s programs is embedded in social responsibility in letter and spirit”. Among IoBM priorities of Mr. Talib Karim, President and Ms. Sabina Mohsin Executive Director has been a host of CSR programs and activities mobilizing students, faculty and management.

Mr. Parvez Jamil, Faculty of Public Relations, Corporate Communication and Event Management class of Fall Semester 2018, while appreciating his students for event coordination and holding the worthy views of distinguished speakers in high esteem, literally spoke his heart out on CSR as important but its implementation as vital indeed. He submitted in addition to the prevalent corporate trends: “It is a question of CSR think tank going beyond seminars, in replacing deep-rooted dependence by the spirit of self-reliance through small and personal level training and rehabilitation towards a brighter Pakistan!” Mr. Adeel Durvesh, CEO, PARHAOSABAQ and visiting faulty, IoBM, during the opening speech of the event stressed upon the importance of creating social ventures which collect funds to help those who cannot help themselves. He presented an example of how his students and partners collected funds to buy a prosthetic arm for a boy.

Dr. Shamvil Ashraf said Indus Hospital is a philosophy and not a hospital. He said the Indus Network is managing 12 hospitals across Pakistan among which three are self-funded while rest are funded by governments of Punjab and Sindh. He advised the youth to create a sustainable vision to contribute to the community. Ms. Laila Dossa believes CSR departments are trying their best to create awareness in society regarding problems of youth and their employment and that prompt and positive action remain important in this regard. Mr. Khalil Baloch highlighted Sapphire Textile Mills’ CSR activities pertaining to education, health and creating jobs at the Mill. Mr. Mehroz Ali opined that HUM TV envisions promoting all CSR activities happening across Pakistan and it will project honest efforts of those individuals and groups undertaking these noble tasks. Mr. Owais Naseem said one of HUM Network’s project was to deliver clean water to less-privileged population of interior Sindh. Mr. Faisal Rajput said our CSR’s activities must begin by helping peons, clerks and maids working at our homes and offices. Dr. Gobind Herani said that he along with his colleagues has been personally helping the less-privileged of interior Sindh and has funded tuition fee of 40 girls. Mr. Shariq said that companies pursuing CSR must be self-accountable of their actions to gauge maximum impact of their efforts. Also present were Humza Ali and Hassan Adil who sang their hearts out with patriotic tunes.

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