Rims and Rubber 2.00

What a spectacular auto show

Pakistan’s unique auto show, “Rims and Rubber 2.00”,  comprising enthralling range of cars and fantastic array of motor bikes, was recently organized by Mentors Students Society of the Institute of Business Management (IoBM), Karachi at its mammoth Convocation ground. A wide range of latest models of automobiles, comprising sports cars, super bikes, vintage cars, jeeps and all-terrain vehicles captivated the attendees of the auto show.

The ground was brightened after sunset by camera clicks amid pulsating songs and beautiful lighting which made the show literally captivating and overwhelming. Some of the wide and varied spectrum of modified cars and sports bikes was drifting, screeching, twisting and turning, all within allotted parameters and amid discipline and decorum, much to the amusement of the sports fancy viewers as IoBM evening was blooming with excitement.

Invited to the IoBM Auto Show 2017 were prominent racing teams Including KT, XTREME, Racers Edge, Driverz Club, Avalution, SC, Precious Metal, Tweak Motorsports, Sanden Motorsports, KK,  KSR Motorist, Speed Stance and others.

Amid the inspiring guidance and support for this mega event from IoBM President, Mr. Shahjehan S. Karim; Executive Director, Ms. Sabina Mohsin and Rector, Mr. Talib Karim, invited guests were Mr. Mukesh Chawla, Sindh Minister for Excise, Taxation and Narcotics Control and Mr. Arshad Vohra, Deputy Mayor Karachi. Also invited to the auto show with their automobiles were Pakistan’s motorsport legends such as Mr. Nadir Magsi, Mr. Amir Magsi, Mr. Sarfaraz Dhanji Mr. Noman Saranjam, Asad Khoro, female Rally Driver Ms. Tushna Patel; Mr. Roni Patel, Mr. Ghazanfar Agha, and Mr. Nadeem Khan.

Organized under the guidance of faculty advisor, Dr. Leenah Askaree with the support of her society students, the event was largely attended by IoBM students, faculty and management and was much appreciated by automobile enthusiasts. Acknowledged for the success of this mega event was the instrumental role of IoBM Mentors Club President Mr. Auon Abbaas and Vice President Ms. Hinaa Mahtaab.


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