‘Pakistan Day’ heralds at IoBM

‘Pakistan Day’ heralds at the Institute of Business Management (IoBM) amid all its charm, color and charisma. IoBM students, faculty, management, staff and alumni commemorate Pakistan Day with vim, vigor and vitality in their respective ways indeed. On campus it is an exhilarating blend of patriotism, fraternity and fellow-feeling on the one hand, and food, fun and frolic on the other. While all IoBM students and Student Societies enthusiastically attribute Pakistan on Pakistan Day, it is SWAT, Society for Welfare and Trust of IoBM students, which plan, coordinate, organize and promote spectacular events in this regard.


SWAT members devotedly began preparations for Pakistan Day by decorating the Students Activity Centre, (SAC), IoBM with Pakistan’s flags and buntings while national songs kept the environment alert and alive and pulsating with patriotism. Planned at the SAC were the screening of documentaries highlighting the life of Pakistan’s leaders: Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Mohammad Iqbal and others who worked exemplarily in the struggle for Pakistan. It was indeed a sight to be seen and sounds to be felt as these songs, documentaries and the ambiance sent students, management and staff of IoBM to yesteryears with vibes of loyalty and patriotism as they experienced the birth and rejuvenation of a nation they proudly and freely live in today. SWAT members, along with faculty advisor Mr. Maqbool-ur-Rehman, scheduled celebrating Pakistan Day and Sports Day with children of Ibrahim Hydri. Special arrangements were made to bring these children to IoBM, Korangi Creek Campus where Sports Day began with Tilawat and national anthem followed by sports competitions,  patriotic  speeches, and Physical Education (PE) display session by SWAT Members. A face-painting session by the IoBM Marketing Department was followed by lunch. Children from Ibrahim Hydri, amid their smiles, giggles, laughs and glowing faces were shown a children’s’ movie ‘3 Bahadur’ at the IoBM Auditorium followed by the award ceremony to winners of the Sports Day and the distribution of goody bags among children invited to Pakistan Day.

CSR BY CSHM (Pictures included in this link)

At the threshold of Pakistan Day, the CBM Society of Health Managers (CSHM) organized a CSR activity and celebrated World Water Day with the students of AGHAAZ SCHOOL. It was arranged under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Asima Faisal, Head of MBA Health Management Department (MHM). The event was made successful by the combined efforts of the core team of CSHM which included Dr. Bisma Imtiaz, Mr. Umair Saleem, Dr. Adnan Syed, Ms. Salima Rajan, Ms. Maha Saif, Mr. Amar Ali, Ms. Mehreen Khan, Mr. Saud Zafar and Ms. Asma Tariq. Students of the MHM family actively participated in making the event a success. During the event, children were shown a short film explaining the importance of water. Members of CSHM also demonstrated proper hand washing techniques in the activity of ‘WASHY WASHY HANDS’. A poster competition on Water Conservation helped students learn different techniques for conserving water. Students were awarded prizes. They responded tremendously and seemed delighted by this session of learning. The CSHM team also distributed goody bags, lunch and mineral water bottles among the children.


On the eve of Pakistan Day, the Literary Public Speaking Society (LPSS) of IoBM organized a poetic feast “Bazm-E- Shair O Adab”, in the IoBM Auditorium. On this patriotic occasion LPSS attributed the sweetness and richness of Urdu, our national language. It was befitting to hold a “Mushaira” as poetry is so vital and an integral part of our language that it has become almost synonymous to each other. Amid the presence of IoBM Rector, Mr. Talib Karim; Executive Director, Ms. Sabina Mohsin and Dean, CBM, IoBM, Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder the event featured renowned poets from Pakistan comprising Mr. Khalid Moeen, Sadr-e-Mehfil, Moderator/Host, Mr. Shakeel Khan; Mr. Ajmal Siraj, Ms. Sabeen Saif, Mr. Alauddin Khanzada, Mr. Abdul Hakim Nasir, Ms. Yasmeen Yas, Ms. Ambreen Haseeb Amber, Mr. Khursheed Alam, Mr. Afzaal Bela, Mr. Shaheer Salar, Mr. Abdul Rehman Momin. IoBM faculty reciting their poetry on this occasion  included Mr. Asim Qadri, Mr. Saghir Ahmed Saghir, Mr. Parvez Jamil and Mr. Asad Shehzad. It was inspiring the see the young nation depicting love and affection for the national language as some IoBM students enthusiastically participated in the Mushaira, namely, Ms. Waliya Hussain, Mr. Shariq, Mr. Humaid Zahid, Mr. Moeen Sheikh.