In a unique little event exploring hurdles special children face in their sorely incapacitated lives, notable figures from the social sector of Pakistan vowed to become the voice of special children. It was a Conference on “National Strategy for Special Children” at the Institute of Business Management (IoBM), Karachi, inviting managers and teachers from special institutions facilitating educational and developmental needs of special children. This Conference, coordinated by students of Public Relations IoBM, amid guidance of their faculty Mr. Parvez Jamil, focused on ideas, insights and initiatives at the personal, community and corporate level to provide utmost support to children with special needs.

Awe-inspiring is the proven speed, skills, stamina and sportsmanship of our special kids from Karachi to Khyber as exemplified by Mr. Parvez Jamil of fire sports and gymnastics and of athletics in Special Olympics Pakistan (SOP) as emanated from SOP athlete guests Asim Zar, Ahsun Ali, Farah Vorhra and Adil Visram. Prominent participants on this occasion included Ms. Tehmina Azim and Ms. Gulenargis from Special Olympics Pakistan; Dr. Sadia Siddiqui and Ms. Shazia Siddiqui from Aziz Begum Memorial School; Ms. Khushi Mustafa and team from Umeed Special Academy (USA); Ms. Zeenat Imtiaz and team from IDA RIEU; Mr. Muhammad Iqbal, Ms. Ambreen Munawwar and team from The Effort Rehabilitation and Vocational Centre and others.

Participants on this noble, humble and gentle occasion, along with their thought-provoking presentations, emanated common thoughts and common feelings with common voice and from the common platform owning special children as the part and parcel of their own very families both in principle and practice.  It is our special kids indomitable sense of belonging to their institutions amid selflessly caring and sharing teachers and trainers blossoming the little ones in self-assurance and spirit building, grooming with career-oriented skills and trades, refreshing and rejuvenating in health and recreation in setting positive examples.

An excerpt from the message for this Conference by Mr. Talib Karim, President IoBM includes, “Discovering special kids suggests the value of inculcating in them the spirit and the skills pertaining to self-help and self-reliance so they can confidently stand on their own feet and gradually become exemplary citizens of a welfare society.” With whole-hearted support of Ms. Sabina Mohsin, Executive Director, IoBM, its PR Department and students arrange variety programs for special children with warm welcome, colorful ambience, melodious melodies, free gifts, food, fun and frolic and enable them to showcase their unseen talents to be shared by all through print and electronic media.

Mr. Parvez Jamil, Faculty Public Affairs said, “Special children are discovered at the IoBM platform indeed. Imagine what men at the helm of affairs and men of letters talk of ‘Unity, Faith and Discipline’ is practiced by special kids. See how tolerance, sympathy and fellow-feeling advocated by many a leader is adopted in letter and in spirit by little ones. Special kids’ songs move earth and sky, ambiance and audience, young and old with message of love, peace and harmony. Our special children present incredible shows of arts, crafts, skits and melodies speaking volumes of their unfelt promise and potential?” While Omar Iftikhar assisted Mr. Parvez Jamil in organizing this, noble and gentle cause, IoBM PR students who played a helpful role for this Conference included Heba Mazhar, Naveen Munaf and Afif Ather.

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