IoBM welcomes students in Spring Semester 2020

The orientation for Spring Semester 2020 at the Institute of Business Management (IoBM) was held on Saturday, January 4, 2020, at the SSK Center of Excellence. The Master of Ceremonies was Dr. Shagufta Rafif Ghouri, Assistant Professor, Management and HR. From IoBM Mr. Talib Karim, President, Ms. Sabina Mohsin, Executive Director, Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder, Rector along with Deans, HoDs, faculty, management and staff and the new batch for Spring Semester were present. This orientation session was successfully organized under the guidance of Ms. Sabina Mohsin. The admissions department, under the supervision of Imdad Ali Mugheri, played an instrumental role in this regard.

The orientation program began by showing the IoBM documentary. It was followed by the recitation of the verses from the Holy Quran by Hafiz Humayun Baig with translation by Dr. Ghouri. The orientation session began with the address of Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder, Rector IoBM. He highlighted a number of challenges that the youth must address. He said the youth must work towards economic and social stability, develop the habit of critical thinking, adapt a constructive approach towards acquiring and implementing knowledge and must use technology for achieving their academic and professional objectives. He advised students to make friends during their stay at IoBM, learn from human behavior and focus on solving social problems. Dr. Hyder said that IoBM is promoting experiential learning to help resolve multidisciplinary problems. This approach has aided the institute in reducing the academia-industry gap.

Dr. Ghouri introduced the new inductees about the Student Societies at IoBM. She informed that by working for these societies the students learn important lessons such as leadership, dedication and teamwork. Muhammad Talha Memon, a graduate of IoBM was invited to share his alumni experience with the incoming students. He said that students need to work hard and plan their academic life accordingly. He advised students to select courses based on their preferences and interests instead of someone’s suggestion. He asked students to speak up regarding a problem with the concerned person instead of living in silence. Talha Memon is currently working at Wavetec Private Limited as a Corporate Executive.

During his address, Mr. Talib Karim welcomed the new students. He said that 2020 marks IoBM’s 25th year of existence. A number of events and seminars will take place to celebrate this milestone. He said that our Founder President Shahjehan S. Karim would want to see us where we are today. President IoBM mentioned that the management envisions seeing its graduates at par with those from national and international universities. The President appreciated the hard work and commitment of IoBM’s faculty and management for inculcating values and principles among students. Mr. Talib Karim said that Pakistan has one of the highest youth population in the world. It is the youth who will take Pakistan into the future. He mentioned that the incubation center at IoBM will be launched in Spring 2020. If students have a sustainable business idea, IoBM will provide them with space, mentorship and capital to turn their business plans into a successful reality. In the end, he advised students to never take shortcuts in life, work hard and equip themselves with ethical values, discipline and dedication.