IoBM welcomes students for Fall Semester 2019

The Institute of Business Management (IoBM) organized its Orientation for Fall Semester 2019 on Saturday, September 7, 2019, at the examination halls, Shahjehan S. Karim (SSK) Center of Excellence building. Mr. Talib S. Karim, President; Ms. Sabina Mohsin, Executive Director; Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder, Dean CBM; Dr. Amanat Ali Jalbani, Senior Adviser to President, Rector IoBM and Director ORIC and Graduate Studies attended this program along with Deans, HoDs, management, staff, newly inducted students and their parents. The orientation for Fall Semester 2019 was organized under the leadership of Ms. Sabina Mohsin and her staff who worked meticulously to make this program a success.

Dr. Mehvish Saleem, HoD, Communication and Languages, was the master of ceremony. While Dr. Hyder welcomed the students, Mr. Talib Karim shared his views in the closing remarks. The program began by displaying the IoBM documentary. M. Mohsin Ali Ahmed, a BE (Electrical) student at IoBM, recited verses from the Holy Quran and Dr. Mehvish read its translation. Syeda Imrana Imran, a BS (Computer Science) graduate from IoBM and a Software Quality Assurance Engineer at TCS, was invited to share her experience as a student at IoBM. She highlighted how studying at IoBM helped her achieve academic and professional excellence.

Earlier, during his address, Mr. Talib Karim advised students to lead a disciplined life. He said that students at IoBM will not only gain quality education by the finest faculty but their character will also be developed. He assured parents that their children are now in safe hands at IoBM. Mr. Talib Karim also underlined a fact that the students inducted in Fall Semester 2019 were born around 2000-2001, who are referred to as Generation Z. He opined that this generation is more attuned towards using Smartphones than their predecessors. He shared that a new teaching methodology is being developed at IoBM to attract students towards classroom learning.

Dr. Hyder emphasized the importance to understand social problems and to create opportunities. This will enable students to become social entrepreneurs. He suggested students gain insights from experiential learning and to pursue multidimensional thinking. Dr. Hyder stressed that students develop their intrapersonal and interpersonal communication skills. This is because professional acquaintances help in the development of one’s personality, mental acumen and professional career.

Syeda Imrana Imran, during her speech, congratulated the students on becoming a part of one of the best business schools of the country. She emphasized upon the struggles and pains the students will encounter every semester that will develop their character and intelligence. She advised students to take responsibility for their learning, utilize their time and embrace diversity to co-exist with mutual respect. The program concluded with a formal lunch for students, parents and for the IoBM management, faculty and staff.

Published on IoBM’s website by the Public Relations Department, IoBM
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