IoBM Speakers’ Club speaks for itself

IoBM Speakers’ Club event was organized by the Department of Communication and Languages in Room Number 304, Academic Block, on Tuesday, April 10, 2018. Besides the Chief Guest, Mr. Abbas Hussain, it was well-attended by faculty, Mr. Muhammad Asif Khan, Dr. Mehvish Saleem, Dr. Fauzia Shamim, Shumaila Omar, Mr. Akhlaq Ghouri and Mr. Pir Muhammad. Among the participating students were Anas Modi, Ali Zain, Wajiah, Mahnoor, Arfa Mukhta, Hafsa Humayun, Tasbeeh Fayyaz, Fazil Ahmed Baig, Altaf Hussain and Muhammad Ahmed Baig.

Participating students, guided by their respective faculty members, demonstrated their speaking skills amid acknowledgement and appreciation of students and faculty attending the event. The objective of the Speakers’ Club, besides developing the verbal communication of students, is primarily focused on better listening and comprehension to develop their speaking skills so indispensable in personal, career and professional development and excellence. It is here at IoBM students learn the art of communication: the hallmark of many an IoBM alumni success in leading national, multinational and international organizations.

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