IoBM inaugurates new Alumni Office

On Saturday November 30, 2019, the Management of IoBM including Mr Talib Karim President, Ms. Sabina Mohsin, ED Administration, Finance & HR, Dr Irfan Hyder Rector along with members of IoBM Alumni Council, the Alumni Affairs Office and IoBM Departmental Heads inaugurated the new Alumni Office at the Shahjehan S. Karim Center of Excellence Building.

Mr. Kamran Bilgrami, Manager Alumni Affairs welcomed the alumni and the distinguished guests. He briefed the audience about the recent engagements with alumni including one alumni event in early 2019 at Arts Council Karachi – the theater of Mr. Anwar Maqsood attended by over 200 alumni with families. A series of lectures named Lessons for Leaders with key leaders in the industry and Alumni Success Stories on youtube and lastly the opening of the IoBM Alumni Cycling Club in order to promote a healthy environment.

Mr. Farhan Ahmed, the President of the Alumni Association who is also the Head of Communication at Standard Chartered Bank welcomed the audience. He commented that we belong to an IoBM era where we have only two classes at the old campus and that he has been through the journey of IoBM as a student, later as a visiting faculty and now as the President of the Alumni Association. He congratulated IoBM management on the great initiative to engage alumni.

Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder, the Patron of the Alumni Association and Rector IoBM commented that his father and father of Mr. Shahjehan S. Karim are the Alumnus of Aligarh University, who has produced a wider network of engaged community which was intellectual and helped changed the face of the region to make it a better place. He said that having an alumni office also helps alumni to grow as well because coming back to the institute and engaging with fellow alumni, students and faculty helps in the personal and leadership development. He asked the alumni to engage with our faculty in developing new and improved curriculum in order to facilitate the changing requirements of the industry.

Mr. Talib Karim, President IoBM interacted with the alumni and exhorted them to have an active alumni association. He mentioned that the following the vision set by the Founding President of IoBM, the new alumni office is the step towards strengthening of the alumni who are also the strength of the Institute and that the IoBM is growing continuously with placements of graduates in top positions in all sectors. He asked the alumni to share their knowledge with the students and to contribute by way of becoming part of academic councils of IoBM, reunions, mentoring, scholarships, endowments, etc. The alumni council members reiterated their commitment to the alma mater and voiced their support for future events.

To connect with the alumni affairs department and gain access to the new alumni office:
WhatsApp: +92 312 0817642