How IoBM and HEC foresee Commercialization and Transfer of Technology

Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization of the Institute of Business Management (ORIC-IoBM) organized a workshop “Technology Development Fund for Commercialization and Technology Transfer” on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at the Entrepreneurship and Management Excellence Center (EMEC), IoBM.

This workshop covered important aspects of “Technology Transfer and Commercialization from University to the Industry” and “How HEC’s Technology Development Fund may act seed money” in this regard.

Invited to speak at this workshop in two separate morning and afternoon sessions were Engineer Dr. Awais Khatri and Dr. Rashida Rahmat Zohra. Dr. Awais Khatri is Associate Professor Textile Engineering, Mehran University of Science and Technology, Jamshoro and Dr. Rashida Rahmat Zohra is a biotechnologist with specialization in Industrial Biotechnology.

Besides the inspiring presence of Mr. Talib Karim, President IoBM, this workshop was attended by Dr. Amanat Ali Jalbani, Advisor to the President and HoD ORIC and Graduate Studies, IoBM; Mr. Muhammad Tariq, Manager, Research Operation and Development, ORIC-IoBM, Deans, HoDs, faculty and students of the Institute.

This workshop was designed to discuss the concept and roadmap of commercialization and Technology Transfer. This workshop also covered the role of HEC’s Technology Department Fund to enforce the Commercialization including procedure for application submission and collaboration related issues with industries. Commercialization and Technology Transfer portray the new dimensions for the transition from manufacturing based economy to the knowledge based economy, which is reflected in Pakistan’s vision 2025 and simultaneously endorsed by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

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