IoBM-FSTC Symposium on Balanced Education

Brainstorming over the IoBM horizon

The Institute of Business Management (IoBM), in collaboration with the Foundation for Science Technology and Civilization (FSTC), organized a symposium on “Balanced Education: Science From All” at the Entrepreneurship and Management Excellence Center (EMEC), IoBM on Saturday, March 16, 2019. Gracing this occasion with their inspiring presence were IoBM’s Mr. Talib S. Karim, President and Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder, Rector. This symposium was largely-attended by Deans, HoDs, faculty and management.

Mr. Talib S. Karim said that this symposium provided much-needed insights into balanced education, talked about its importance and emphasized why educational institutes should follow this education model. He thanked guests and participants for their worthy presence and believed that IoBM will continue to host such value-adding conferences in the future.  

The Keynote Speaker was Professor Salim T S Al-Hassani, President FSTC (UK), Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering and a Professional Fellow in Humanities at the University of Manchester. During his speech he mentioned of a balance in character between selfishness and selflessness, competitiveness and compassion, spendthrift behavior and wasteful expenditure, individualistic and cooperative conduct and between being callous and sensitive to the environment. Professor Salim T S Al-Hassani said that it were the efforts of the Chinese, Indians, Muslims, Africans and non-western civilizations conceiving concepts, theories and inventions during the dark ages paving way for the west to make their version of inventions popularized and used today. He suggested that research findings from different non-western cultures and civilizations must be included in the curriculum after conducting an academic review of such content.       

The pendulum of education is tilting as it is a question of balancing a misbalanced curriculum through a holistic approach, opined Dr. Nasreen Hussain, HoD Education Department, IoBM. It is basically a matter of transforming public schools in Sindh through quality teacher education, endeavors Ms. Salma Alam, CEO “Durbeen”. We have to link our future to the past in the social, economic, ecological and environmental perspectives to explore answers on balanced education, advocated Dr. Irfan Hyder, Rector IoBM. While moderating the program Dr. Zubair Bandukda, Associate Fellow FSTC-UK,  explained how FSTC’s education initiative enriches school curricula by introducing historical contributions of non-western civilizations in each of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects.

This symposium also had representation from Akbar Public School, Association for Academic Quality, IoBM, KMA Girls Secondary School, L2L Academy, SZABIST, Textile Institute of Pakistan, The Citizens Foundation, Time Lenders, Usman Institute of Technology and Virtual University.

FSTC’s education initiative is called Balanced Education, which enriches school curricula by introducing historical contributions of non-western civilizations in each of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects. The objective of this symposium was for participants to discuss innovative teaching and learning practices, experience a range of anecdotes on inventions and inventors in a variety of subjects to enhance their teaching of the statutory curricula. The symposium discussed whether there is a need for a balance between the present science from the West and how will it enrich future generations. The participants also conveyed their opinion on pedagogy and the use of educational resources for achieving their academic objectives

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