Interactive Session From Creative Thinking to Business Innovation!

An interactive discussion on “Game-Changing Creativity – How do Creative Thinkers Outperform Experts and Experience?” was recently held at IoBM on Monday, April 24, 2017 in Room 314. Invited to speak at this occasion were consultants from Singapore, Mr. Shayan Hazir and Mr. Damith Weerakoon, Managing Directors, Disruptants, a company providing creative solutions to corporate, educational and social enterprises.

The session was arranged courtesy Mr. Humayun Bashir, former CEO IBM. It was largely attended by IoBM faculty, HoDs and management. This discussion explored the passions and aspirations of successful entrepreneurs and creative thinkers and helped participants extract the essence of their learning and innovative ideas into our practical business environment.

During his address, Mr. Talib Karim, Rector IoBM, welcomed the guests to IoBM and appreciated the efforts by Mr. Humayun Bashir in making this innovative session a reality at IoBM. Mr. Talib Karim highlighted that the IoBM faculty specializing in various fields will benefit from the learning and practical experience which Mr. Shayan Hazir and Mr. Damith Weerakoon will share with them.

Mr. Shayan Hazir and Mr. Damith Weerakoon are Lego Serious Play method practitioners where Mr. Shayan has completed multiple qualifications in Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation Strategy, Design and Creative Thinking while Mr. Damith has completed his qualifications in Design and Creative thinking and International Cash Management.

Mr. Shayan and Mr. Damith conducted creative thinking activities during which participants constructed a tower and various versions of a Rickshaw using Lego bricks that inculcated game changing factors to think, explore, design, disrupt, resonate, enable, inspire, mobilize, impact and amplify.

The guests during their discussion explained the concept of connecting to customers through seven transformational stages: Me to We, Statement to Stories, Consistent to Persistent, Selling to enabling, Passive to Participating, Products to People and Good to Great. Their presentation concluded on the thought that passion, purpose and proposition creates business innovation.