German language theatre comes to life at IoBM

Students studying German language at the IoBM recently performed eleven stage plays at the IoBM auditorium largely attended by IoBM students and faculty. Also present were IoBMs Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder, Dean CBM and CES; Mr. Moinuddin Ahmed, faculty of German language; Ms, Aliya Sikander, Assistant Professor, Communication Department and HoD and Mr. Akhlaq Ghouri, Senior Lecturer, Communication Department.

Eleven groups comprising five to seven students each acted in various everyday situations. The audience duly appreciated the efforts of these students who had memorized their scripts and performed with confidence while using appropriate props. IoBM students for the first time performed such stage plays in the German language under the able and inspiring guidance of their visiting faculty of the German language, Mr. Moinuddin Ahmed.

Play 1: German parents visit Pakistan to search a bride for their son. Their interaction with the Pakistani family becomes a humorous one when the two families throw witty dialogues at each other.

Performers: Syed Shabbar Raza, Mubashir Shaikh, Umrah Hamid, Sidra Shahid and Ramsha Ejaz

Play 2: Patients at a hospital are treated by mentally retarded doctors to create confusion and anger among these patients.

Performers: Muzammil Shaikh, Kulsoom Shaikh, Salar Ahmed, Ammar Ather, Hamdan Siddiqui, Wahaj Hussain and Sania Saeed.

Play 3: A group of Pakistani friends visit Germany where they go for shopping and interact with different people including a Pakistani now residing in Germany, salesmen of a gift shop, a roadside café and a fruit shop.

Performers:  Mehdia, Abdul Rehman, Khizar Sufian, Zain Zaidi, Aifaz, Ahmed, Nishat Fatimi and Aiman Sattar.

Play 4: The employees of a company are conducting job interviews when they come across candidates having three different personalities: emotionally sensitive, sarcastic and over confident.

Performers: Midhat Zehra, Qurban Ali, Roop Chitra, Anushay  Talha, Ali Gohar, Rafay and Rakhshanda Awan.

Play 5: This play is set in a classroom where a faculty is trying to teach German language to her students. However, these students are indulged in mischievous practices throughout her lecture to create disturbance.

Performers: Meer Balaj Khan, Muhammad Humza, Hassan Khan, Simran Thouran and Mahnoor Sheikh

Play 6: Performers recreate the moment when Pakistan defeated India during the 2014 Asia Cup in Bangladesh.

Performers: Shahmeer Aslam, Shareq Nadeem, Haider Raza, Shan Abbas, Analita Qazi, Hamza Inam and Muhammad Hammad.

Play 7: Two friends from Pakistan are visiting Germany for the first time when they are interrogated at the airport by personnel of the visa department, customs, and the immigration section their unusual behavior.

Performers: Akif Shaikh, Deepak, Hamza, Arifa Mukhtar and Sarib

Play 8: A group of girls are enjoying a drive in the car when, during a stopover, they encounter a beggar and later a salesman who is selling everyday household items. For their surprise, the salesman is accepting credit cards along with cash.

Performers: Aisha Babar, Hira Zainab, Anoshay Saif, Sara Arshad, Talha Memon and Sumaiya Mehmood.

Play 9: In this play, performers share the consequences of smoking when doctors treat a chain smoker having respiratory problems.

Performers: Muhammad Salman Khan, Adil Fawwad, Yousuf Shakeel, Bilal and Fahd Faisal.

Play 10: During this play, students imitate famous Pakistani politicians in a court setting where the judge wants answers but the politicians are busy in verbal confrontation with each other without paying attention to the judge.

Performers:  Agha Wasay, Mohsin Siraj Sheikh, Sabrina Sarfraz, Shahzad Ali and Saqib Naqvi

Play 11: Performers display the famous “Kitnay Aadmi Thay?” scene from the movie Sholay, with a hilarious twist at the end.

Performers: Ibrahim Asim, Avinash Harvani, Umber Azeem, Suleiman Sethi, Isra Raoo and Salman Karim.