IMAGINE top professional gurus from their respective fields unfolding a panorama of confessions to students and faculty at the IoBM Auditorium. While Mr. Muhammad Haroon, an Entrepreneur in Blockchain Technology Space unearthed the marvels of this innovative technology on Monday, October 16, 2017 at a program organized by IoBM’s Accounting and Finance Department, Mr. Usman Muneer, Managing Director, Mondelez Pakistan unveiled a kaleidoscope of a disclosure for budding professionals on career and business opportunities full of promise and potential at a program arranged by IoBM’s Communication and Languages Department on Tuesday, October 17, 2017.

Seminar on “Blockchain Tech”

In order to keep students and faculty accustomed to and acclimatized with latest trends and insights in Accounting and Finance, the Institute of Business Management (IoBM) in collaboration with Blockchain Tech, held a seminar at the IoBM Auditorium. Besides the presence of Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder, Dean CBM and CES, IoBM, the seminar was largely-attended by students and faculty. The objective of this seminar, conducted amid the noble guidance of Ms. Tazeen Arsalan, HoD, Accounting and Finance Department, was to bring awareness of Blockchain Technology, its process, advantages and disadvantages. Mr. Muhammad Haroon has over 14 years of diversified experience in financial services, telecom and shipping. The agenda of his presentation were: to inform students about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Crypto Economy and the uses of Blockchain in different sectors.

How to Lead a Successful Career

Institute of Business Management (IoBM), in collaboration with “TalkWorld” and sponsored by “Career Pakistan”, held a talk on “How to Lead a Successful Career’’ at the IoBM Auditorium. Invited to speak was Mr. Usman Muneer, who is responsible for overseeing Mondelez Pakistan’s operations including two manufacturing sites, around 300+ employees and distribution spread across the country. He has over 12 years of experience in managing consumer businesses across several international markets, including the Middle East, Africa, and Pakistan. Mr. Usman Muneer believed that what lead students to successful careers are passion and skills and that what remain of vital significance here is experiential learning and extracurricular activities. Present on this occasion were IoBM’s Dr. Ejaz Ahmed, Dean, College of Computer Science and Information Systems (CCSIS) and Dr. Amanat A. Jalbani, Adviser to President IoBM and Head of OGS and Research. Also present were IoBM Communication and Languages Department’s Dr. Mehvish Saleem, HoD; Ms. Shumaila Omar, Assistant Professor, Mr. Muhammad Asif Khan, Assistant Professor and Ms. Sheba Sultan, Lecturer. This program was largely-attended by students and faculty.