Electrical Engineering Department, IoBM conducts Firefighting and Evacuation Training

A fire safety and training workshop held on Wednesday, May 29, 2019, on the third floor of the Shahjehan S. Karim (SSK) Center of Excellence Building, IoBM brought together faculty members and representatives from IoBM’s Electrical Engineering Department and Media Department. The workshop was organized jointly by Electrical Engineering and Security Department. Since electrical engineering laboratories are housed with expensive laboratory equipment, it was pertinent for the faculty to understand the hazards and protocol to mitigate a fire breakout. This was also a requirement on the part of Pakistan Engineering Council for Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) implementation in Laboratories.

A 30-minute presentation was given by Major (Retired) Mudassir Haroon, HoD Security, IoBM. The presentation was attended by Associate Dean College of Engineering and Sciences (CES) Dr. Seema Ansari and HoD, Electrical Engineering Department, Dr. Imran Majid. The presentation focused on first-hand knowledge on Fire Safety Preparation including the types of fire, classification of firefighting equipment and roles and responsibilities of fire warden(s) as well as the protocol of firefighting, cordon and salvage parties. Anyone could use the fire extinguishers to prevent loss to life and property using the PASS Approach. An evacuation plan was further discussed. The speaker encouraged the participant to questions and answered them with dedication.

Participants were also shown the evacuation route to the meeting point (in front of the SSK Building, IoBM). A practical demonstration of fire safety took place where 8 participants tried to smother a fire built up using dry grass and kerosene using CO2 and powder-based fire extinguishers. The workshop ended with a final discussion on fire hoses and protocol for alarming on “Fire”.

Overall, the group agreed that presentations such as those are very important for any organization as it’s the matter of personnel safety and to avoid mishaps in the presence of expensive gear. The response was positive and participants gained from the informative discussions and practical demonstration.

Such training workshops will help create awareness about EHS and will be beneficial to IoBM in providing a safe environment to operate in. It is expected to be implemented in further departments within IoBM.