Finance Society Events year 2016-17

Finance Society was successful in conducting three successful events during the year 2016-17; a session on The ABC of Stock Market, a panel discussion on A World of Finance, and an interactive session with Mr Almir Colan on Leadership in Quran & Sunnah.

  1. ABC of Stock Marketing

The society organised a seminar regarding the fundamentals of Stock Exchange, and investment opportunities available in Pakistan. The event titled ‘ABC of Stock Market’ was held on November 3, 2016. The speaker for the session was none other than the honorable CEO of Institute of Capital Markets (ICM), MR. Muhammad Ali Khan.

It was an interactive session that was well received by the audience, followed by a Q&A session and heated discussions over investments opportunities, the fundamentals and important dos and don’ts that one should remember when planning to invest in stocks.

  1. A World of Finance

Finance Society’s first event for Spring 2017 was a highly appreciated panel discussion on the topic “A World of Finance”. The event had guests from various non-finance fields, highlighting the importance of numbers in their profession. The event’s tagline sums up what the event was all about; Numbers are everywhere!

The panel discussion was a very lively one, and reinstated the importance of studying numbers and finance while majoring in other fields.  It was a great event to make students, who already knew, realize the need to focus on their finance courses. It was highly applauded by our Dean, Dr Irfan Hyder.


  1. Leadership in Quran & Sunnah

The Finance Society, in collaboration with The Accounting and Finance Department of IoBM and Center for Excellence in Islamic Finance of IBA, organised an interesting session on ‘Leadership in Quran and Sunnah’.

Our guest speaker, Mr. Almir Colan (Director, Australian Center for Islamic Finance), shared some of his immense knowledge and experience with the students and faculty of IoBM regarding what slam says about the style, attitude, and personality a true leader should have. He further enlightened the audience about how an economy should run as per the true guidance of Islam, what sort of attitude the potential future leaders should have, and that our aim should always be the best and top of all others, in the cleanest, ethical, and fair way.

To conclude, the session was loved by the audience, which was observed by the heated Q&A session that took place between the audience and the guest speaker. Students showed more interest in the session as majority took active part in the discussion over leadership practices, their role as students to improve the current economic conditions of Pakistan, and future aspirations.