Faculty Development Seminar at IoBM

Financial Markets Dynamics for Prominent Sectors of Pakistan

The Accounting and Finance Department, Institute of Business Management (IoBM), with Ms. Tazeen Arsalan as Head of the Department, organized a Faculty Development Seminar on the topic of “Financial Markets Dynamics for Prominent Sectors of Pakistan” at the EMEC Conference Room from 09:00 am to 01:00 pm on Wednesday, August 30, 2017. Invited to speak at this Faculty Development Seminar was Mr. Yawar Uz Zaman, Head of Research at Taurus Securities Ltd. This Seminar was largely attended by IoBM HoDs and faculty.

 Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder, Dean CBM and CES, IoBM, amid the inspiring support of IoBM President. Mr. Talib Karim, lays special emphasis on faculty development in different forms and manifestations, including in-house and external seminars, workshops, interactive sessions and conferences. These events are highlighted by practical ideas and insights of industry experts, seasoned professionals and illustrious HoDs as part and parcel of IoBM’s vision and mission pertaining to life-long learning for students, management and faculty alike.

 This Seminar was planned and organized to equip faculty with current industrial practices and to guide them with existing SOPs and market trends being followed in Pakistan’s financial markets. In the recent past industry experts and corporate experts have been invited to speak at IoBM to share their experiences, knowledge, work practices and trends with faculty. In this regard, the Accounting and Finance Department, IoBM, invited to this Seminar, Mr. Yawar Uz Zaman, an expert from the Pakistan Stock Exchange to share his significant insights with the esteemed HoDs and faculty.

Pakistan Stock Exchange and its associated organizations, with all its leaps and bounds, has been a dream job destination. From trading to research and consultancy, many thriving IoBM graduates have proved their knowledge and skills in this domain, time after time. This initiative of inviting industry speakers will make sure that adequate knowledge and skills, related to markets, is imparted by faculty to students, giving them a head start in industry and financial markets associated companies.

Mr. Yawar Uz Zaman, has a proven track record of more than seven years in Pakistan’s Capital Market Research. Before Joining Taurus Securities, he served as Vice President, Research, at Shajar Capital Pvt. Limited. He also led the research and sales team of AAH Securities and worked as a team leader at Alternate Research Pvt. Ltd. He started his career as a research analyst and is considered among the leading industry analyst with a focus on such sectors as Pakistan’s Energy Chain, Economy and Cements.