Eureka Fair Fall 2019 brings out the best business ideas

Eureka Fair 2019 was held at the Institute of Business Management (IoBM) on Saturday, December 21, 2019, at Room Number 314, CBM Building. Industry experts who attended the Eureka Fair were: Muhammad Junaid Mansoor (CEO, TAJMAC IT Solutions), Syed Naseh (CEO, Diya Interactive), Ammar Jangbarwala (CEO, Mywater International), Muhammad Ahsan (Founder, 3reesixty), Muhammad Ramish (CEO, Zodiac Media), Fahad Ullah (Project Manager, Gaditek), Zehra Zaidi (Consultant, Engro Foundation), and Owais Razi Uddin (Senior Software Engineer, Techlogix). These guests were also the external evaluators who interacted with the students and analyzed their business plans.

Through the Eureka Fair 2019, students of Technology, Operations and Innovation faculties under the guidance from Syed Abdul Basit, Junaid Ansari, Ammad Asim, Dr. Samar Yazdani and with the assistance of Juveria Baig exhibited their ingenious and innovative ideas. The objective was to counter substantial challenges through technologically-equipped projects. During the semester of 14-weeks, students planned their business ideas and developed prototypes of their products and services which they displayed at the Eureka Fair.

The “Eureka Fair” began with great zeal and enthusiasm. The students were excited for they were encouraged to become a part of this tech event. Their startups covered areas such as education, health, environment, and poverty alleviation. They worked on the latest exponential technologies such as IBM Watson assistant, RPA tools, IoT, etc.

Eureka Fair envisions helping develop a strategic focus in the students’ thought process. This Fair also created an impactful intellectual contribution, stimulation of critical thinking for creativity and innovation. The views of the externals were thoroughly appreciated and acknowledged by the students as they shared their insights. They highlighted how efficiently and effectively the projects can be executed while providing a ground for advanced research and development. The event was concluded with the sharing of mementos and group photos.

This write-up was written by Mahlub Masood (MBA) and co-authored by Syed Abdul Basit (Visiting Faculty, IoBM).