EMEC organizes “Basic to Advance Excel” workshop

The Entrepreneurship and Management Excellence Center (EMEC) at the Institute of Business Management (IoBM) organized a two-day “Basic to Advance Excel” workshop on September 19 and 20, 2019. It was held at the EMEC Conference Room, IoBM. Mr. Zuhaib Ali was invited as the resource person. He is an experienced business intelligence analyst with hands-on skills in market-trending tools.

Through this workshop, the participants learned how to use the advance functions of Excel 2013/2016. The participants were hopeful that this training will improve their productivity, help them enhance spreadsheets with templates and incorporate charts, graphics and formulas into their workings on Excel. Moreover, this workshop helped the participants streamline their operational work effectively.

The important topics covered during this workshop were Relative and Absolute Cell References in Formulas, Using IF Formula, Nesting IF Formulas, COUNTIF and SUMIF Formulas, Financial Functions, Conditional Formatting and Data Validation among others. The participants learned how to calculate with advanced functions and formulas, organize worksheet and table data, create and modify charts and graphs, analyze data using Pivot Tables and enhance workbooks and the MS Office Excel 2010/2013 environment.

This program was attended by those who use Excel in their daily life and who want to enhance their competency to use Excel spreadsheets. From PNSC, Khalil Ahmed (Security), Fazal ur Rehman (HR), Luqman Rafique (MR & S), Zeeshan Hyder Magsi (MR & S) and Rauf Shah (Commercial) were the Junior Executives who attended this workshop. From PSPC, Muhammad Kazim Khan (Deputy Manager) was present while a student, Shaheer Mapara, also attended this workshop.