DG NAB visits IoBM

 NAB’s focus on character building for students

Mr. Mohammad Altaf Bawany, Director General, National Accountability Bureau, along with his team of experts, visited the Institute of Business Management (IoBM) on Monday, December 04, 2017.

He was welcomed by Dr. Shahida Wizarat, Dean CESD, IoBM at the reception and received by Mr. Talib Karim, President IoBM at the EMEC. Mr. Mohammad Altaf Bawany delivered a talk on Anti-Corruption awareness being commemorated in Pakistan where he discussed various aspects and angles of NAB’s operations in Pakistan in dealing with corruption. Besides the presence of Dr. Ejaz Ahmed, Acting Rector IoBM and Dean CCSIS; Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder, Dean CBM and Dr. Talat Wizarat, HoD, Center for Policy and Area Studies Department, IoBM, the event was largely-attended by HoDs, faculty and students

During his talk, Mr. Mohammad Altaf Bawany shared with the audience NAB’s three-pronged strategy to curb corruption which is: Awareness, Prevention and Enforcement. He emphasized more on the awareness part in educational institutes. Mr. Bawany said that NAB’s aim is to create awareness of anti-corruption and how to eliminate this menace from society. He said that NAB engages students across Pakistan in various activities including debates, poster and calligraphy competitions fostering character building among students. He highlighted the role of girl students  and women in curbing this menace for they play the role of a daughter, sister, wife and mother, and have their influence over men of their family in following moral values and leading an honest life.

During his welcome note, Mr. Talib Karim said that upon NAB’s recommendation, IoBM has established a “Character Building Society” with Ms. Sabina Mohsin, Executive Director, Admissions, Administration and Finance, IoBM as its Patron with Presidents of all societies at IoBM to serve as members. Mr. Talib Karim accentuated that faculty at IoBM has been creating awareness pertaining to anti-corruption among students through curriculum and by conducting seminars. He referred to one such classroom activity when IoBM students of the class of Public Relations and Corporate Communication, organized amid the guidance of their faculty Mr. Parvez Jamil, held an interactive session: “Time for Soul-searching” in relation to the UN Anti-Corruption Awareness Commemoration and HEC’s vision for universities to observe “Anti-Corruption Awareness” drive on December 03, 2016.

Mr. Mohammad Altaf Bawany agreed to the proposal of Dr. Irfan Hyder regarding a course in Anti-Corruption Awareness at Pakistani universities as well as the latter’s suggestion on students internships at NAB as a requirement for their degree program. Dr. Shahida Wizarat thanked the NAB DG and his team for an enlightening discussion at IoBM, believed such interaction would continue in future and highlighted the instrumental role of merit and checks and balances to combat corruption.