December 10, 2016

954 corporate grads steal the show 

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At Convocation 2016 of the Institute of Business Management (IoBM) 954 degrees were conferred in business management and allied disciplines amid the presence of Heads of top-of-the-line national, multinational and international organizations, corporate professionals, high-ranking government officials, and Consul-Generals of Foreign Missions, according to IoBM Public Affairs Section. Gracing the occasion was Professor Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman HEC and Mr. Jam Mehtab Hussain Dahar, Sindh Education Minister. Mr. Sirajuddin Aziz, President/CEO Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited addressed the Convocation as the Keynote Speaker.

While speaking on this occasion, Professor Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman, and HEC emphasized on the objective of a university as imparting education, personality grooming and career focused training.  He underscored the significance of investing in education towards knowledge economy in order to address socio-economic problems. Faculty or teachers, as such, are the “philosophers’ stone” in shaping lives of the young generation and their efforts have added value to graduates’ excelling with flying colors.

Mr. Jam Mehtab Hussain Dahar, Minister of Education and Literacy, Sindh, appreciated the momentous success of IoBM during the last two decades and its emergence as the center of excellence in higher education. He assured Government of Sindh shall extend all possible cooperation to IoBM in making its presence felt at the national and global levels. In his keynote address, Mr. Sirajuddin Aziz, President and CEO, Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited termed graduates as architects of their own life and career and that they must follow integrity, honesty and impartiality to succeed. He underlined the importance of imposing self-discipline and self-regulation and that through clarity of thought the graduates can reach their personal and professional objectives. Furthermore, he addressed the graduates as the ambassadors of this Institute, their family, their country and as the future leaders of Pakistan.

On behalf of IoBM President, Mr. Shahjehan Karim, the Presidential Address was delivered by Mr. Talib Karim, Rector, and IoBM. During his speech, he emphasized upon IoBM’s pursuit towards Experiential Learning initiatives in grooming students’ management skills. He valued IoBM faculty’s steady progress in research and accentuated upon the IoBM Outreach Program benefiting the less-privileged areas of Sindh and Balochistan. He also highlighted IoBM’s state-of-the-art infrastructural expansion at the Institute’s Main Campus. IoBM Chancellor Mr. Najmuddin A. Shaikh mentioned of the intensive and demanding nature of comprehensive and contemporary courses offered at IoBM as facilitating its graduates in developing management and communication skills to excel in the corporate sector.  Valedictorian, Kashmala Riaz attributed parents, faculty and management, besides students’ perseverance, dedication and commitment to academic, career and life excellence.

Degrees were conferred in disciplines as Actuarial Science and Risk Management, Computer Science, Accountancy, Management and Law, Commerce, Media Studies, Industrial Engineering and Management, Management and Information Technology, Advertising and Media Management, Educational Management, Environment and Energy Management, Finance and Risk Management, Health and Hospital Management, Industrial Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Media Management, Telecommunication Management and Organizational Psychology and HRM. MS degrees were awarded in Computer Science and Mathematics and Scientific Computing while PhD degrees were awarded in Business Management and Education.

Among the congregation of IoBM graduating stars were 11 gold medalists. Certificates of merit were awarded to 27 graduates. Gold medals were awarded to Kashmala Riaz, BBA (Honors), (S. H. Hashmi Memorial Gold Medal); Huma Nasir, BBA (Honors), (Westbury Group of Companies Gold Medal); Muhammad Ammad Afzal, BE (Electrical), (Imam Ali Kazi Memorial Gold Medal); Basit Saleem, BS (Actuarial Science and Risk Management), (Halima Fatima Memorial Gold Medal); Kiran Nadeem, BS (Computer Science), (Karachi Council on Foreign Relations (KCFR) Gold Medal); Merym Saudagar, BS (Media Studies), (Orient McCann Gold Medal); Marina Arif, MBA (Regular), (Janmohammad Dawood Gold Medal); Shezza Razzaque Khan, MBA (Evening), (Shan Foods Gold Medal); Mohammad Noman Ovais, MBA (Weekend), (Standard Chartered Gold Medal); Muhammad Kashif Amin, MBA (Industrial Management), (Tabba Foundation Gold Medal) and Shahzad Maher Ali, MBA (Health and Hospital Management), (Dr. Essa’s Laboratory Gold Medal).

Certificates of Merit were awarded as follows: BBA (Honors): Aban Ali, Farooq Ali, Mushkbar Arshad, Mahrooh Farid, Mahira Hafesjee, Aisha Hanif, Areeba Raza Khan, Abeer Fatima Kirmani, Zehra Nadeem, Maria Ashraf, Urooj Rafiq Jaffer, Amna Rafiq and Komal Shakil. BE (Electrical): Ahmed Rehman Khan and Ahsan Hayat. MBA (EEM): Maryam Asim; MBA (MHM): Misbah Amin. BS (Computer Science): Kanwal Saleem and Mohammad Hassan. MPhil (Org. Psychology): Farhan Iqbal. MPhil (Business Mgmt.): Fatima Tazeen Athar. MPhil (Education): Zeenar Salim Shairdose. BS (Media Studies): Irma Masood. MS (SSC): Muhammad Shahbaz Khan. PhD (Education): Shelina Bhamani and PhD (Business Mgmt.): Muhammad Adnan Bashir.

IoBM’s amiable atmosphere, illustrious faculty, meticulous management, state-of-the-art campus and career-focused programs in business management and allied disciplines equip students with insight, knowledge and skills towards a better and brighter Pakistan.