Breast Cancer Awareness Session at IoBM

October is commemorated worldwide as Breast Cancer Awareness month, with each country doing its part to increase attention and support for the awareness, early detection and treatment of breast cancer. The CBM Society of Health Managers (CHSM), in collaboration with the Social Welfare and Trust society, contributed to this invaluable global effort by organizing a Breast Cancer Awareness session for the female community at the Institute of Business Management (IoBM) on Monday, October 28, 2019.

Studies have found that breast cancer is the second most prevalent cancer in the world, especially in women where 1 in 10 cancer cases is diagnosed as breast cancer. In Pakistan too, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, which is made worse by the culture of stigma and embarrassment associated with the condition. To combat this dismal situation, CHSM invited renown oncologist Dr Yasmin Rashid from the Aga Khan University Hospital, to conduct an awareness session in the EMEC Board Room, for an audience of 70 females which included faculty, students and staff. Dr Yasmin’s instruction was candid and expressive, as she explained to her captivated audience about the physiology of the breast, risk factors of breast cancer, the myths and misconceptions surrounding the disease, and how to conduct a breast examination. Dr Yasmin evoked feelings of both pathos and triumph by sharing her personal stories of deceased breast cancer patients and survivors; the audience was reminded how prevalent breast cancer actually is when Dr Asima Faisal, event organizer and Head of Department of the MBA in Health & Hospital Management Program also had a heartfelt story about the suffering caused by the disease.

Following Dr Yasmin’s session, representatives from Essa Laboratories who graciously participated in sponsoring the event, acquainted the audience with the services their labs provided and informed about osteoporosis test they would be conducting free of cost for the IoBM community. After the distribution of flowers and gifts, photographs were taken and the CHSM members thanked Dr Yasmin and event sponsors.

CHSM had pulled off yet another successful Breast Cancer Awareness event and tipped its hat to all the previous society members who had first inaugurated its annual celebration in 2016.