An awe-inspiring Orientation Fall 2018

IoBM President offers the key to success for new students

Mr. Talib S. Karim, IoBM President, while addressing Orientation Fall 2018, said the key to students’ life and career success lies in respecting parents, respecting the institution, respecting the country and respecting rules and regulations.

Amid the awe-inspiring guidance and supervision of Ms. Sabina Mohsin, Executive Director, Administration, Admissions and Finance and her enthusiastic staff, IoBM Orientation Fall 2018, was complimented by incoming students and their respectable parents as model of administrative and managerial acumen, incredible physical and seating arrangements, rejuvenating decor and ambiance, notable staging and hosting, sumptuous food aroma and delicacies, excellent food quality, top class catering service and traditional IoBM hospitality.

On the occasion of IoBM Orientation Fall 2018, Mr Talib Karim, IoBM President said that in addition to academic excellence, IoBM focuses on personality development of students. He added that youth forms almost half of the national population and that we pin hopes on our future architects for a better and brighter Pakistan. He said the key to students’ life and career success lies in respecting parents, respecting the institution, respecting the country, respecting rules and regulations.

Mr. Talib Karim added that institutional discipline and decorum remain of paramount significance at IoBM. IoBM students are expected to keep the campus clean like it is expected of them to keep their homes clean. It is a non-smoking campus with due emphasis on health, hygiene and cleanliness. He shared with students the importance of the sense of belonging to the institution and considering themselves as important sharing members of the IoBM family.

President IoBM often signifies how different schools of thought co-exist with mutual respect at IoBM and that how conflicting viewpoints are gracefully accepted through mutual tolerance and cheerfulness in this regard. Peaceful and congenial co-existence with diversified and conflicting views are such exemplary hallmarks that this institution presents with all humility and simplicity for others to emulate at the local and national levels. To err is human indeed but learning from mistakes, rising over and above self and respecting each other are such IoBM endeavors that blend formal education with personality development towards career excellence.

Students were cautioned by him on fair means in exams in view of punishable provisions on cheating.   He urged upon parents to be consistently concerned on their children’s routine academic performance and the subsequent Grade Point Average (GPA) in this regard.   What he stressed upon was the fact that for a highly-competitive corporate market, if students do not prepare in an equally-competitive manner they tend to become drop outs!

Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder, Dean CBM and CES said change requires hard work and imprinting one’s footprints in the sands of time. He urged students to be proactive, manage time, look after their health, maintain a proper sleep pattern, become entrepreneurs and job creators in line with IoBM measures in this regard. Dr. Bisma Imtiaz, IoBM alumnus, who is Chief of Staff to the Chair, Department of Medicine at the Aga Khan University Hospital, said she was honored to have studied from distinguished IoBM faculty and recalls motivational memories indeed.

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