About IoBM


The Institute of Business Management aims to be one of the leading institutes nationally and internationally for imparting knowledge, skills, confidence, and values to its students thereby enabling them to become successful professionals globally.


The mission of the Institute of Business Management is to foster a learning environment where students are motivated to make learning an on-going life-long process. We see ourselves as a multidimensional educational institution.

Our aim is to:

  • Use the best teaching and training methodologies
  • Prepare students to excel academically as well as in management skills to function ethically and take effective rational decisions in all endeavors of life
  • Pursue leading-edge research
  • Engage in the development of innovative ideas and analytical, interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Allow freedom of thought and expression
  • Encourage both faculty and students to be independent and creative thinkers
  • Commit to our students and other stakeholders to create responsible future
    global leaders